The Global Education Development Institute (GEDI) is on the cutting edge of global nursing education. As a not-for-profit organization, we seek funding for, and provide educational opportunities and management training for healthcare professionals in the United States and abroad. GEDI programs facilitate development of skills and knowledge necessary to more effectively lead in today’s healthcare environment. Faculty use adult learning methods to create an integrated curriculum, graduating the learner into an ongoing community of colleagues and peers. GEDI offers online programs in support of leadership skills.

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Why contribute now?  This is GEDI’s thirteenth year, and we are proud of our accomplishments to date.  To celebrate this milestone, we are launching a year-long funding campaign.  Our goal for the Campaign is to reach $50,000 by September 30, 2015, which is well within our reach.

One hundred percent of your 2015 contributions will be used to fund participation of nurse leaders in the Third International Nursing Congress, and to complete the application for Continuing Education credits for US nurses attending the Congress.  We encourage participation from nurses and those who value the contributions that nurses make to safety and outcomes.  Donate as little as $10, or as much as possible.  And, please share this with your colleagues!

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By Sharon M. Weinstein and Ann Marie T. Brooks 2007
Global nursing impacts healthcare delivery in every corner of the world and will require interventions from all sectors of society. Nursing Without Borders …values, wisdom, and success markers, is a global perspective on education, process and practice initiatives. Nursing Without Borders provides a forum for recognized nurse leaders and activists to share their stories and successes defining nursing’s past, present and future. Success as global leaders requires a global mindset, an appreciation of humanities and culture, sensitivity to diverse human capital, a sense of shared leadership and accountability. The international nursing leaders contributing to this text are role models whose stories must be shared. We recognize their accomplishments and goals; we acknowledge their developments and successes. We thank them for challenging the process, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act, and modeling the way. May they continue to build strategic partnerships in nursing…relationships that will evolve and last a lifetime and ensure the continued growth of our profession. We invite you to begin the journey to Nursing without Borders and to submit your story for the next edition. Available at:

The International Nursing Leadership Institute seeks to:

  • Prepare those who can identify, facilitate, adapt and embody effective behaviors and competencies needed for leadership in their countries.
  • Create a broad community of leaders who can continue to learn from each other.
  • Create professional association development and building initiatives.
  • Develop a cadre of local faculty.
  • Educate nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals in the emerging field of energy medicine.
  • Our clients include healthcare systems, hospitals, health ministries, universities, business entities, and professional associations.

Q. How can I make a contribution?

A. Make your check payable to Global Education Development Institute and send it to our corporate headquarters in Illinois. Or, simply pay via our secure system by following the appropriate link.