Commitment has helped healthcare workers around the world view their work as an essential component of any society. Healthcare workers have carried communities through the difficult COVID-19 response and provided aid and assistance during a time of great need. The work that healthcare workers provide is difficult, but healthcare workers remain committed to their profession and to the help and care they provide to others. Without the staunch commitment from healthcare workers globally, the COVID-19 response would be even more devastating. Commitment to the profession is important as we move forward as COVID-19 continues as an ongoing threat.


Healthcare workers do not do their job for praise. In fact, healthcare workers do their job as a cause, not for the applause. Healthcare workers globally have a strong desire to help others and are called to serve in such a stressful and difficult profession. Healthcare workers sacrifice daily for a multitude of reasons. Some communities globally shun healthcare workers for fear they may harbor the devastating virus. Some healthcare workers do not go home to their families to avoid exposure to loved ones that are immunocompromised. Healthcare workers miss family events to provide care to those that need it most. Appreciation was shown for healthcare workers in many communities, and this appreciation continues to be important as we move forward for a healthier future. During the early stages of the pandemic, there were many appreciation efforts shown to healthcare workers from public service announcements of thanks for healthcare workers to gift cards and meals provided to healthcare workers. These appreciation efforts have diminished over time, but even small acts of appreciation, like a simple “thank you” helps show appreciation. Appreciation matters, and it is the little things that count.


Healthcare workers are overwhelmed and exhausted from the mental and physical effects of providing care during a pandemic. A front-line nurse was describing her professional and personal outlook after serving on the frontlines providing care to patients with COVID-19. Her anguish and feelings of being lost were apparent in all aspects of the conversation, from her body language to her tone, and even her words. A once optimistic and energetic nurse was devastated by the effects of providing care to patients with COVID. Despite multiple stories of healthcare workers and their feelings of being drained and depleted from providing care during a pandemic, nursing school applications have increased. This shows the respect and desire to be part of such a noble profession. This is encouraging to healthcare workers, and even these small wins like increased interest in the healthcare professions are a win. These wins provide rejuvenation and restoration to the profession, and healthcare workers everywhere need an opportunity to experience rejuvenation and restoration as they continue to take care of those in need. Rejuvenation is not the same for everyone. Some people may find rejuvenation after restorative sleep, a nice meal, time with family, or watching the television. Some find rejuvenation in a break from the professional responsibilities. Whatever provides rejuvenation, it is important to engage in restorative processes.


Excellence for healthcare workers is paramount for combatting COVID-19. Healthcare workers have high ethical standards and work towards excellence in the work they do. Excellence will propel our world forward as we fight COVID-19. Excellence is what healthcare professionals do, and this excellence engages and helps provide enjoyment in the work of healthcare professionals.

As we reflect on CARE, #commitment, #appreciation, #rejuvenation, and #excellence, be encouraged by the progress and work done in fighting COVID-19 and keep moving forward considering CARE. The pandemic can be successfully defeated through the CARE provided by healthcare workers globally. We must remain committed to CARE as we consider the role of healthcare workers in this fight.

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