When I think of the word, GRATITUDE, this is what I see and feel…

GEDI Board of Directors for their collegiality and support during the pandemic and the continuing work to support the global healthcare community.

Resilience demonstrated by fellow nurses and other health care professionals caring for patients with COVID-19 and others amid changing protocols.

Adaptability and flexibility to implement crisis of care standards to ensure delivery of the best possible care when resources are severely limited and health care standards are compromised.

Tireless commitment of nurses despite challenges such as staffing and reimbursement issues and high patient acuity.

In-person meetings returning and the ability to connect with others.

Technology was invaluable so that we could connect virtually to maintain our personal and professional relationships.

Understanding of individuals to comply with safety measures so that positive learning experiences could be provided.

Development of vaccines by scientists and researchers to combat COVID-19 and facilitate a return to “normal” life.

Everyone’s contributions, big and small!

As we approach the end of another year and the holiday season, please share those things for which you are grateful!

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