What will it be for you?

The pandemic has certainly changed the way in which we interact, connect, and collaborate. As a global organization, much of our work has always involved virtual outreach, with the exception of face-to-face conferences in-country and participation as co-collaborators at conferences sponsored by organizations such as The Honor Society of Nursing (STTI) and The International Council of Nurses (ICN).

Virtual Learning

In April, we initiated a series of online learning programs for our colleagues from the NIS/CEE countries, with a focus on the Republic of Armenia, the host and requesting country. By providing content in advance, we were able to translate power point presentations and offer them in multiple languages. Our initial offering was well-received, and the recording was viewed by many professionals on a global scale. We followed up with a global birthday party for nursing’s founder, Florence Nightingale; a video is in development and will be posted on our site, and on our social media pages. Now, we are proud to announce a series of programs that will be offered twice per month on topics of general interest to the nursing and healthcare communities. We start with Compassion Fatigue on 27 May 2020, followed by Grace, Joy and Hope for the Nursing Profession on 10 June 2020.

Together, we will succeed

We are working together…to share time and talent, to recognize nursing needs for continuous learning, and to bridge the gap between on-site and in-country programs with virtual experiences.

Is this the New Normal, or will it become the Next Normal? Is this a whole new world of work for which we must prepare now? What we do know is that our goals for business have not changed; how we get there will clearly feel and be different.  Where we appear physically is not as important as what we deliver and the value that we bring to our community.

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