The year is young, and there will be resolutions made and broken. One way in which to avoid breaking them early in the first quarter is to shift your mindset. Consider rewiring and moving from, “There is no way that I can accomplish this,” to “I can and I will do this.”

What will it take? It will take thinking about your self-limiting beliefs, fears and doubts and moving toward empowering beliefs.  Start by taking a deep breath and discover what you are telling yourself. Examples include:

Old  Belief — “I’m too young, I don’t know enough people or have enough education or enough people skills.”

My New Belief————– “I am the EXACT age to be doing this, and my biggest goal is developing my people skills.”

Old Belief — “What if I fail—I’ll never be able to do this.” 

My New Belief————– “I no longer consider failing an option; I do consider how I’ll feel when I am successful and making a difference in the lives of others.”

Old  Belief — “I think locally; I’ll never grow globally.”

My New Belief————– “Here’s what I know. My career has allowed me to share my expertise, time and talent with others. Those skills are transferable to global markets, and I cannot wait to grow my business.” 

Once you’ve listed the limiting beliefs and shifted your mindset to one of positivity, wash, rinse and repeat.  Practice with strong emotion, and with certain conviction.  Start now and start strong…the year is young, and success is yours for the asking!