We hear much about Population Health today; the literature references the topic as “the health outcomes of a group of individuals.” But, is it the group, or is it an effort to affect one person at a time to create that healthier group of people?

What are the critical elements that an organization or institution must have in order to grow population health enterprises?

  1. Innovation: it is time to move beyond traditional care models
  2. Partnering: with like-minded organizations to address strategies for success
  3. Benchmarking: to assess and measure the return on investment of your population health initiative
  4. Engaging: make this an interdisciplinary approach
  5. Communicating: keep your team informed; share your success stories and your challenges

Population health crosses all barriers and borders! Affecting one person at a time involves changing the way we think about people. Affecting entire groups involves changing the way you think about those within the group. We are at an important point in health care, and there is much work to be done. Beyond borders…we are in this together, for the longer haul and for the health of our respective populations.  The time has come! At GEDI, we are innovating, partnering, benchmarking, engaging, and communicating to enhance the health of people and populations. What are you doing?