We’re pleased to offer this month’s guest blog post by: Irina Bakhtina, PhD, Dean and Elena Godovykh, Head of Foreign Affairs Department

Our success story is the result of strategic partnering. Let us tell you more! Established in 1988, our educational programs are practice-oriented with a focus on professional competencies. Considerable resources are allocated to quality training using simulation and case study technologies.

Since our inception, we’ve successfully cooperated with a number of universities and medical institutions of North America, including those hosted by the American International Health Alliance (AIHA), Russian Canadian Nursing Initiative, Europe, and Asia. Our strategic partnerships focus on issues that develop, integrate, and improve nursing education.

The Russian American Partnership for the Development of Nursing Care and Education has been in place for more than 15 years, resulting in a new model of nursing care. Within this framework, we delegate previous physician competencies to highly educated and qualified nursing staff of the Mini-Hospital created within the L.G. Sokolov Memorial Hospital No. 122. These nurses have participated in the International Nursing Leadership Institute (INLI), Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), and Global Education Development Institute (GEDI) Initiatives.

Our most recent collaboration is focused on the organization of joint educational programs aimed at studying nursing care delivery systems in medical and preventive treatment facilities in the EU countries as well as the methods and algorithms of nursing care in the clinics of Europe. We have considered an adaptation to our Russian clinic settings to meet the ongoing needs of medical and preventive treatment.

We host more than 150 training programs for over 3000 students from St. Petersburg and all over Russia. We offer postgraduate education programs using diverse models, including seminars, workshops, and role-specific training for head and chief nurses, specialty-practice clinical nurses, physicians, and faculty.

We take pride in our creation of a network that promotes collaboration with leading educational and health care facilities as well as with professional organizations worldwide for the implementation of best practices of health care delivery. And we regularly welcome representatives of foreign universities, professional associations, and healthcare organizations from the United States, Japan, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Sweden, and other countries. We facilitate and exchange experiences with our partners in Finland and Kazakhstan. We regularly participate in international congresses sponsored by ICN, IARMM, EWMA, EORNA, and many other world-class events.

Our current plans include developing a competency-oriented approach to advance the training of healthcare professionals, drawing on the resources of the best domestic and foreign programs. This mutually beneficial network partnership with universities and medical organizations will integrate our facility within the international educational space. We continue to collaborate with our partners from the Global Education Development Institute (GEDI).  This is our success story, and we are proud to enhance post-graduate nursing education and patient outcomes. 

Federal State-Financed Educational Institution Continuing Professional Education at The Saint Petersburg Center of Postgraduate Medical Education, Federal Medical Biological Agency of Russia.