As I reflect on the changes that occurred throughout my tenure as a GEDI board member, I realize that many of the sustainable changes we have made reflect leadership transformation. For this guest blog post, I share the words of Laurie Shiparski, a transformational nurse leader and change agent; her words of wisdom speak volumes:

“The leadership word of most frequent discussions used of late is TRANSFORMATION which simply refers to change the form or ‘re-form-ing’  In health care it often refers to ‘entire’ systems, for example, if all the financials changed from itemizing cost to estimating savings; or if health care changes from an episode to one’s longevity with or without illness. Each of the former would require a transformation in how one leads such changes. This poem offers inspiration for discussion with others in the workplace”


Shall we go? or shall we stay?

    Is the best path well-known?

    Or are we free to make our own?

  What do we seek, the courageous or meek?

    Is it amazing or mundane?

   Can we endure the pleasure and pain?

  Which do we choose, the weak or strong?

   Can we tell right from wrong?

  What will ultimately shape our being?

   Are we blind or are we seeing?

  We search for the growing beyond belief;

   In strength, vulnerability, happiness, and grief.

  Is it all of these that make us complete to journey with others on the path we’ll meet?

  Our search for these paths beginning before birth leads us all toward making a difference on earth.

 What matters less than our own beliefs is what the group shares ITS beliefs and perhaps how the group sees you in ‘your leadership’”

What steps are you taking to transform leadership within your organization? Will your strength and resilience lead the way? How will you prepare for the road ahead as you journey with others on the path to leadership?